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Who are our partners?
Academies, Regional Committees and Chess Clubs
If you are the manager of an organization recognized by Omnia Chess, you can ask to be listed as a partner on our platform
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Chess Schools and Instructors
For teachers and their Chess Schools recognized by the Chess Federation, Omnia Chess offers a complete set of features aimed at managing groups and the activities assigned to them
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If you are a player you want to follow a Chess School, choose the one you prefer
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Omnia Chess offers tournament organizers a perfect environment for promoting and managing their online events. Player’s registration, arbiter’s activities and tournament management are highly automated. The events authorized by Chess Federations contribute to the changes of online titles and ratings.

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Official online events require the supervision of an Arbiter recognized by FIDE or a Chess Federation. OmniaChess provides the arbiters with the most advanced tools for creating official tournaments, verifying the eligibility of the participants and monitoring their behavior during the game phases, also thanks to the use of AceGuard, a patented anti-cheating system recognized by FIDE.

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