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Arena offers all Arena offers all fans, with particular attention to minors, a variety of services that are unparalleled. If you're an adult, you can register as Guest without providing your personal data and later decide when and how to join the official community with the Premium profile. For minors, the explicit consent of the parent is always required for both profiles.

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Chess federation and chess clubs
Omnia Chess is the platform chosen by Federations and chess clubs to offer a unique online experience to their members, starting from school children to the champions. The offer of championships, official tournaments, titles and online elo recognized, to finish with the educational programs for schools, is unparalleled on the marker. Find Federations and chess clubs that interest you the most in the Partner section.
AceGuard, the anti-cheating system certified by FIDE
The issue of fraud control is critical to online gaming. Among the many measures that can be adopted, the analysis of the player's behavior and history is always one of the most effective. Omnia Chess adopts AceGuard, the only anti-cheating system recognized by FIDE.
Parent Control & Privacy
Omnia Chess puts the maximum attention to the protection of minors, starting from their registration which must be completed by their parent (or legal guardian), to the control of all communication channels and services to which they have access. In addition, Omnia Chess complies with international privacy laws such as the GDPR valid for Europe and the CCPA and CallOPPA valid in the USA.
Omnia Chess
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Variety of tournaments
You can start having fun with single games and tournaments, and then participate in those organized by the Chess Clubs and get to play the events organized by the Federation.
Variety of ranking
Different types of Elo are associated with your profile depending on the subscription, membership with the Federation, and the results achieved in the game