To start

Whether you are a skilled chess player, a simple amateur or an new player you are welcome in the PremiumChess Arena: the first Italian site to play chess online!

Here are some very brief instructions

By clicking on Playersyou will have the list of players connected at this moment.

To play immediately, all you have to do is accept any of the challenges you find in the challenges area, check in the Time column the one with the game time that suits you best, click on the icon at the end of the row to accept it and start playing!

If, on the other hand, you want to be the one to challenge the other players, you can click on Play a new game.You can choose whether to launch a quick challenge by clicking on one of the proposed game times, or you can choose to customize the challenge by clicking on the "More options" button.Here you can choose more details about the challenge you want to launch.You can play a Game(meaning you want to challenge someone in a single match) or Match(to challenge someone in a match from 2 to 5 games), you can choose your and the opponent's think time for each match and confirm with the PLAY button.

What are you waiting for?

Have fun now and come back later to read the instructions below!


If you choose Game - Time 10' it means that you want to play a game in which each player will have 10 minutes for the entire game (10 minutes for you and 10 minutes for the opponent so the game can last a maximum of 20 minutes). So there is not a time for the single move but there is a time for the whole game and you decide how much you want to think about each move within the game.

Games can be won(or lost) either by checkmate or because one of the two players has run out of all his time.

Internet games are usually played on short time controls, because they are not "serious" events but fun occasions to try and test your skills.

And don't be discouraged if you lose frequently in the beginning because you improve... when you lose! You will see that after a few games you will find opponents at your level.

By the way...each player has several numbers next to their nickname.These numbers correspond to the playing strength and change every time a game is won and lost or a draw ends.After a few games this number will stabilize so you will be able to recognize opponents at your level and you can challenge them in games that will surely be balanced, full of twists and fun!

If, on the other hand, at the beginning you just want to observe a few games before starting to play yourself, go to the section dedicated to the challenges and below you will see the list of live challenges.Choose one and click on the binoculars icon to see it.